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Create an extraordinary life




Create an extraordinary life



Do you recognize this

Having a successful business including a glamorous and abundant lifestyle, doesn’t always give you the fulfillment you seek. You keep expanding your earthly possessions. Or maybe you simply are no longer as inspired as you were before, What you’re doing in life and career leaves you asking, ‘Is this all there is’? Does it sometimes frustrate you to feel you may be wasting your valuable time on things that drain the energy out of you?

And before you know it…

…this lifestyle gives you an unsatisfied feeling. You could find yourself trapped in too much stuff. Things that probably felt good for a short time but eventually have a destructive effect on you and your loved ones.

There is more to it

You have mastered the material game and you enjoyed it for a while. But you feel that there must be more in life and you are ready to explore what else life has to offer.

It’s not about what you have – but who you are…

…your next step is to find a balance between the material and non-material. Stop spending so much time on hunting and gathering material stuff. Life is much bigger than that. It is not about what you have but who you are. You are much bigger than the material stuff you own.

Is this for you?

Growing to your next level can be an interesting battle with your inner self – that  everyone can surely win. It is an inspiring journey that happens within you. To be ready for this journey, you should have already overcome certain obstacles in your life.

Indicators that you are ready:

You find yourself successful in business and life.

But you still have this aching sense of emptiness that can not be filled.

You notice that people and events around suck the energy out of you.

Material stuff doesn’t satisfy you as much as it used to.

Your next step is to challenge yourself

But how do you do that? And why should you do it?

Life is comfortable right? But does it give real fulfillment?

You have already conquered the material world.

Now for your inner world

It’s time for an inner journey that will give you a sense of complete fulfilment.

As with every journey, yours will start with just one first step

Take the first step by doing your first free conversations without any engagement with Willem.
From these first conversations you can decide if you are ready for your new journey.

Willem will guide you through this journey.
You’ll have a trusted advisor by your side who you can contact any time whenever you feel the need.

Willem will guide you through intensive 1 on 1 sessions and make sure you progress step by step.

Your personal coach and trusted advisor for successful entrepreneurs and top professionals

Willem van Esch

Willem is a Global Entrepreneur who has worked for the past 30 years with enterprises and companies worldwide. He has also helped entrepreneurs grow their business world-wide. Willem has worked with international clients in five different languages. He was born in The Netherlands and moved to the United States to build his own multinational company.

Video: The story of Willem van Esch

Willem van Esch personally built his multinational company in 30 years from the ground up. It was an innovative transport company which transported the goods of enterprises and companies world-wide.

In 2007 he sold everything to start coaching entrepreneurs and executives. After 4 years living in Brazil he moved back to his home country. The Netherlands is now his home base from where he coaches clients world-wide.

During his international career he attended a business school in London and in the United States got his university Master’s degree in psychology.

Willem is an expert in communication, leadership, entrepreneurship, and transformation. He specializes in in-depth coaching, personal growth, business growth acceleration, family businesses, and succession. He is also skilled in coaching highly sensitive persons (HSP) and the highly gifted/intelligent. He has mastered this through continuous education and experience.

Why Willem?

He goes much further than just ‘business advice’. Success without meaning is not complete. He will therefore work with you on the whole picture. He sees everything in relation to: business, health, wealth, social life and spirituality.

He is someone you can trust with both your business and your private issues. And from whom you can expect advice to improve your life and business in a way that suits your core values.


H. Ronald Hulnick Phd.

President of the University of Santa Monica

Rudy Maasland

International Executive at Dräger Marine & Offshore

Serge de Kraker

CEO of SK Trading Ltda. Rio de Janeiro

Edwin Quijada

President of the Fearless Coaching Group

Don’t hold yourself back. Become Bold, Brave & Beloved.

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