A good way to improve internal communication in your company is to become aware of your internal dialogue. With that awareness you can control your own communication, and with that the internal communication in the organization.

Internal dialogue

The internal dialogue is the conversation you have with yourself throughout the day. It is the inner voice that constantly finds, thinks or feels something about people, things or situations. Having too many thoughts makes it busy in your head. It causes unrest. Many thoughts are also negative and not true. Consider assumptions, judgment or negative thoughts in general. When your inner dialogue is filled with negative thoughts, they will also resound in communication with others. Moreover, a head full of thoughts can distract you in conversations with others. 

Awareness of your inner dialogue, therefore, is awareness of the noise of your thoughts.

Provide inner peace

Take a critical look at your inner dialogue. If you discover that many of your thoughts are negative brainwashes that are of no use, it is good to do something about this. In this way you can clear the gateway to a stream of good, creative and positive thoughts. A positive internal dialogue can help you in your search for happiness and fulfillment. Below you will find out how you can get started with working on your internal dialogue.

Is it true?

The first step in becoming aware of the content of your internal dialogue is to ask yourself with every negative thought: is it true? Then, if it is true, you wonder: is it necessary? Will it help me, or someone else, if I sketch this doom scenario or think pessimistic about that and that. If it is not true, it is obvious that it is wise to reject those thoughts immediately. If the negative thoughts are true, look at how you can turn them into a positive, helping thought. This is the second step. For example: “What a terribly difficult assignment. How do we ever get this done? How could we ever accept this assignment? ”This does not help you any further, the assignment has simply been accepted and will have to be completed. Try to turn the negative dialogue with yourself into positive, helping thoughts. “This is a tough job. We need help with that. Let’s see who we can call in for that. “

This ensures that your inner dialogue becomes calmer, you come to more creative thoughts and also communicate better internally. After all, if you are stuck in thoughts of doom thinking and never get the job done, then communication with others will be complaining and negativity. However, when you have managed to bend your internal dialogue to helping thoughts, communication will also be more positive and solution-oriented.

Pulling yourself in in the silence works just like a bow and arrow. The more you pull the arrow in, the more powerfully the arrow shoots out, straight for its target.

 If you want to know more about working on a positive internal dialogue, I will gladly help you further.

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